Chappell Sells Big Scratch Ticket

The Chappell Pump & Pantry recently sold a $200,000 winning ticket in the $20 Spectacular 7 scratch game. The winner, Terry Buss from Chappell, went to the Nebraska Lottery Ofiice on November 21st to claim his prize. Mr. Buss bought the ticket a couple weeks prior, but had a good reason to hold onto it for a little while. A few months ago, he had made arrangements to retire on November 20th and didn’t want this prize to interfere with the special date. He said this big win will make retirement a little easier and might give him a reason to finally trade in his 1995 pick-up. To top it off, Terry celebrated his birthday on Nov 18. Pump & Pantry will receive a "seller's bonus" of $2,000 for selling this ticket.