Bosselman Inc. opens 41st Pump & Pantry featuring Renewable Fuel Blends

Bosselman Inc. announces the opening of its 41st Pump & Pantry at Allen Drive and 13th Street (south of Conestoga Mall) in Grand Island.

Unique to the Pump & Pantry chain and to Nebraska, this newest Pump & Pantry location features additional blends of ethanol fuel grades, including Super Unleaded E10, E20, E30, E85, and Unleaded, at all of its fuel pumps.

"This store is our first attempt at a "Going Green" concept," says Bosselman, Inc. President Chuck Bosselman. "We offer an expanded selection of ethanol products which are cleaner burning and more environmentally friendly."

A full selection of hot drinks and fountain beverages, bottled drinks, snacks, quick-serve foods and beers are also available inside the store. Store hours are 6 am to 11 pm daily.