Bosselman Enterprises expands into soy biodiesel realm

An expanded strategy into the biodiesel realm has resulted in Nebraska-based company Bosselman Enterprises' recent completion of the installation of an underground blender system for six underground tanks, to create blender biodiesel pumps at their Bosselman Travel Center in Grand Island.

"Renewable fuels are an important growth strategy for us," says Randy Gard, executive director at Bosselman Enterprises. "Being a Nebraska-based company ourselves, it is extremely important to us to support Nebraska's rural economy and our famers as we use soybean oil from Nebraska farmers to create these biodiesel blends."

Bosselman Enterprises has taken a strategic position to focus on and become the principal driver for renewable fuels in the state of Nebraska, joining the ranks of heavy hitters Pilot/Flying J, Love's, and TA.

"Embracing renewables and the new technology involved to support that strategy is not only incredible for our company, it's fantastic for our customers because it's both economically favorable and is a better fuel product," states Gard. "On top of that, we're creating a cleaner Nebraska because biodiesel is an environmentally responsible fuel." The diesel pumps at the Bosselman Travel Center are now blending biodiesel into six tanks at 2% to 20% blends of soy biodiesel (SME) specifically.

"The outstanding relationship between the Nebraska Soybean board and their partner MEG Corp, based in Plymouth, MN, has been critical to the exploration and execution of our blending strategy. We couldn't have done it without them," comments Gard.

The Bosselman Travel Center is located at the Interstate 80 and US Hwy 281 interchange in Grand Island, Nebraska. The completion of the conversion of the travel center into a 'mega blender site' for all renewable fuels will follow, including ethanol in addition to the biodiesel. A 20,000 gallon tank for ethanol and all associated infrastructure will be installed, and six retrofit dispensers will be re-aligned to allow for the sale of E-10 E-15, and E-85. The following phase will include many of the company's 49 Pump & Pantry Convenience stores throughout Nebraska where the biodiesel option will then be offered as well.

"Bosselman Enterprises has always been a forward-thinking company, so we are very excited about the biodiesel option now being available at the Bosselman Travel Center and at our other locations in the future,” says Gard.